I'm Samantha, (or Sam, you choose) and this is the bit I find the hardest - talking about myself... but, I guess as I am going to be taking your photo (hopefully), you should really know a little bit about me.

I'm based in the Leicestershire village of Somerby where I moved to in August 2017, it’s a world away from my old life in London, but a very welcome change nonetheless. I live with my partner Jono, our Dachshunds Bertie and Buster and my two Lovebirds; Fluff and Smoothie, (all of whom will both probably pop up on my Instagram page or on this site from time to time). I'm at my happiest when I'm behind my camera (obviously), walking the dogs, playing Hockey or simply at home, in a pair of dungarees, gardening, thrifting, baking, or drinking gin!

Photography is in my blood and has been a passion for most of my life... ever since my Grandad showed me his old camera and dark room kit when I was five or six. I have photos of my Mum when she was little that he developed himself and although times have changed a little and development times have decreased dramatically, I always look back on my earliest memories of photography and smile. I have always had a camera and take it wherever I go, - you never know when there will be an opportunity to capture something amazing...

I am passionate about taking beautiful, natural and honest photographs, be it tears, laughter, joy or sadness, I love being able to capture the moments that make life real and the memories that last the longest.

I am currently a one-man (lady) band, but am working hard to make my little business a success, so, if you have a minute, please use it to take a look around my site. I focus mainly on wedding photography and portraiture, but also provide other services including photobooths and album printing and will pick up a camera for absolutely anything, big or small... so, if you have an idea, let me know about it. My focus is on the little things, and I always go out of my way to make your day, (or idea) extra special.  

Thanks for visiting!