'Why Did I Want to Become a Photographer?'

From a young age I remember having an eye for imagery.  I was a keen artist and loved to draw, paint and create and I would spend hours beavering away on a portrait or painting. 

I was always around imagery; wherever we went my Mum would take two cameras with her; a 35mm film camera and a 35mm slide camera (a kodachrome 64).  When the slide negatives had been developed I would love taking them out of the long grey box and holding each one up to the light one by one.  It was like a secret image, a secret window into an exact moment in time, captured forever within a little white frame!

Every Christmas and New Year we would set up the slide projector (35mm long cassette type) and giggle our way through years and years of memories (some of which I was too young to remember).  It wasn’t New Year without it.  Cosy, warm, and content in my Grandparent’s front room, with the big, glass bowl, retro style light fitting, high ceilings and grey velour sofa.  I would usually be drinking a Bucks Fizz loving prepared by my Grandad and our bellies would be full from one of Nan’s amazing roast dinners.  I will always remember the overwhelming feeling of safety and contentment. It was the highlight of our Christmas Holidays and I look back on those days so, so fondly.

My Grandad was also a keen Photographer and used to develop his own photos of my Mum when she was growing up.  For my 18th Birthday he gave me a small photo album with some of these inside, black and white and a little aged around the edges.  Each one captioned with a small label written on a typewriter, each depicting a different year of her life.  They were treasured memories shown through a proud father’s eyes and I treasured them even more.  It was this, my Grandad’s influence, that really triggered my awareness of Photography and my love and passion for it grew from this shared interest.  I felt it bought me closer to him and when he died this brought me a great deal of comfort.  I wish he were still alive today to see some of my photos.  I have never developed in a dark room and would give anything to travel back in time and watch him.  Things are so different now, although just as much time and effort goes into capturing and editing an image, the raw, handcrafted skill involved in developing your own images has given way to a technological haze of RAW format and Lightroom; (hands-up, guilty as charged!)  Grandad though would be fascinated by it and I would love to show him all the ways you can manipulate an image in Photoshop for example; it would be almost alien to him!

It was without a doubt these fond memories that helped form my love of photography and my passion for creating beautiful images. 

Weddings, newborns, family shoots, birthdays, I feel extremely privileged to be able to capture these special memories; so that people can look back on them, share and enjoy over and over again.