7 Qualities to Look for When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Parts 5 & 6)

Parts 5 &6 of this series focus on the finer details of your Wedding and the preparation your photographer should be making to ensure that these important aspects are not missed.

5)     Itinerary

Does your photographer ask for an itinerary?

In order to properly plan the photos on the day and to ensure your desired shots are captured, your wedding photographer should ask for a copy of your itinerary for the day, including the details of your wedding planner/ toastmaster/venue’s co-ordinator. 

They will then be able to plan where they need to be at what time and have a clear indication of the schedule and running of the day.  In a lot of cases the photographer will guide the running order of the portraits and it is their responsibility to ensure all desired images are captured in the times allotted. 

There will usually be a slot allocated for photos after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast, however how the time within this is used and how the photos are organised will be the photographer’s sole responsibility.  If they haven’t asked for a copy of the itinerary, you may need to check they are fully prepared for this task.

6)     Attention to detail

Has your photographer asked for the finer details of your wedding?

Examples of wat we’re talking about here are colour schemes, theme, any traditions that you would like recognised or if there is a particular style of edit you would like? Most photographers will have developed a style specific to them and this is something that you would have undoubtedly considered prior to booking them.

However it is important that your wedding photographer pays a general interest to the finer details of your wedding in order to make your photos as personal to you as possible. For example, making sure extra care will be taken to capture decorations or table props or accessories if a couples theme is an important aspect of the day.

Another example could be if your wedding is of a vintage theme then your photographer may feel it appropriate to employ a black and white edit choice when processing your images to accentuate the feel of the day.

Above all, you want to choose a photographer who demonstrates an honest interest in your day and who appreciates the efforts you have gone to make it special.

Coming Next: Part 7; Communication