7 Qualities to Look for When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer (Parts 3 & 4)

In parts 3 & 4 of this series we will look at the documentation your photographer should complete with you and start to assess the prep work that takes place in regards to research around your booking.  In this week's case, the venue visit.

3)     Photo Worksheet

Does your wedding photographer give you a worksheet to complete? 

This should list the key photos that you would like (group shots etc.) and a list of names of key family members including any particular special notes that the photographer needs to be aware of. 

This makes the formal photograph part of the day run much more smoothly and again, if the photographer is aware of who’s who it will help put people at ease and make the day much more enjoyable for everybody. 

It also means your photographer can ensure they get all of the photos you want – which of course should be any wedding photographer’s primary aim!

4)     Venue Visit

Has the photographer done a venue visit or is it a venue that they are already familiar with?

A familiarity with the wedding venue will again allow for a much smoother running of the photos on the day.  Your wedding photographer should be aware of where certain aspects of the day are to be held so that they are able to prep equipment and they should have already scouted out places for group shots, couple photos and alternatives if it happens to be a wet wedding (heaven forbid!). 

Time won’t be limitless on the day and there will probably only be narrow allotted slots for each set of photos, so having already done this preliminary visit will ensure none of the key points of your day are missed.

Don't be afraid to ask your photographer if they are familiar with the venue, if they are - great! If not, ask them if they will be visiting or if you haven't had your initial pre-wedding meeting yet, maybe suggest this takes place at the venue.  This will enable you to discuss your requirements in more detail and play out where you would like specific photos taken and where you expect certain aspects to take place on the day.  If the venue holds open days, visiting on one of these will give the photographer the opportunity of discussing intricacies with the staff, if they have any and also potentially finalising any requirements in regards to insurance or guidelines that the venue may have. 

Coming Next: Parts 5 & 6; Itinerary & Attention to detail